Criminal and Traffic Matters

Police matters can lead to a high degree of personal stress, especially if someone is dealing with these matters without appropriate legal representation.
Seeking legal representation can seem daunting for many people. Thompson Madden’s aim is to find a solution to your legal matter, no matter where you are, with the personalised attention you need, and the practical advice you deserve.
Traffic and licence, and other criminal matters, can leave people wondering whether they will face large fines, a loss of their driver’s licence, or even a loss of their personal freedom.
At these times, it is very important to engage the services of a solicitor who can give you the representation and advice that could ultimately lead to a finding of not guilty or a reduced penalty for you.  At Thompson Madden Solicitors we know all too well that having exceptional legal representation will:
• Show a magistrate that you are genuine and serious about your legal matter;
• Give you the peace of mind that will get you through a difficult time;
• Ensure you are represented fully, both in the early stages of police matters and in court.  We are committed to being fully across all the issues in your case; and
• Potentially lessen the penalties you face and increase your chances of being successful with your case.

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